Voluntarily nerdy

Someone asked me a few days ago why I am interested in things like Star Wars and Star Trek and other ‘nerdy’ things.

And the answer isn’t simple, but I think it’s a good one.

I don’t always understand my son.  I love him unconditionally, but he thinks differently than I do, so at times I don’t understand his logic.  So I try to learn about things he likes so we can have things to share, even when I don’t know how else to connect with him.

He is an amazing little boy.  My mom always tells me he is a fluke- that most kids aren’t as well-behaved as he is.  She’s probably right.  I just don’t always know how to teach him things the way he understands, and I don’t always understand his thought process.

So by learning everything I can about the things he enjoys, we can have conversations that interest him and I can gain a little bit of insight into his world.

We can watch Captain Kirk defeat the Romulans together, and if I can share a fun fact about the movie or answer his question, we can connect.  He doesn’t always want to snuggle anymore, and he wants to be independent and do things for himself.  So when he asks me a question and I can answer it, I’m important and interesting to him and it draws us closer.

So yes, I love Star Wars and Star Trek and superheroes and Transformers and all the nerdy things a girl like me normally doesn’t.  But the motivation to truly delve into these alternate universes boils down to a desperate desire to understand the universe we do live in the way my baby boy does.

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